Artist reimagines Pokémon as real-world creatures

By Dom Carter

If you’ve ever played Pokémon on the Game Boy or ventured out with the immensely popular Pokémon Go app, chances are you’ve imagined what the franchise’s creatures would look like if they were real. Well, wonder no more, because concept artist and writer Joshua Dunlop has started bringing them to life with his amazing pieces of 3D art.

Each month on his Patreon page, Dunlop will be creating a new Pokemon from the first generation as part of his Pokémon Zoology series. His long-term goal is to build a website that showcases the critters in a true-to-life way, even going so far as to imagine what their biology, diet and habitat would be like if they could be found in the real world.

You’ll already have seen a realistic looking Pikachu at the top of this page, complete with sparks buzzing out of its red cheeks, but there are dozens more to enjoy. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites in the gallery below, just click left to right with the arrow icons to check them out.

If you want to see the full collection of realistic 3D Pokémon, head over to Dunlop’s ArtStation page where you’ll find the likes of Meowth, Butterfree and Dugtrio. And remember, if you want to help Dunlop out on his Pokemon mission, spare what you can over on his Patreon page. There are even exclusive rewards up for grabs depending on how much you donate. Gotta render ’em all!

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