Billionaries and funding Moon and Mars exploration

By [email protected] (brian wang) Two billionaires, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, are leading companies that are creating new space flight capability. However, adventurous billionaires could be very important to the first manned flights to Mars.

NASA has so far been unwilling to divert the $4 billion per year going to the Space Launch System into Spacex Mars mission plans.

Spacex would be in a stronger financial position when NASA and the US military decide they should start more efficiently spending about ten billion dollars per year of launch and mission related budgets.

Two currently unknown wealthy individuals are apparently willing to pay $200-400 million each for Apollo 8 like flights on a Spacex Falcon heavy. This would be a lunar orbiting mission that could fly in 2018.

It could take many years before NASA and the US military and intelligence space agencies change their budgets.

Pioneering Mars missions may depend upon more billionaires being willing to make big space trips.


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