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By Ian Dean

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 223, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC. If you’ve missed this issue or other editions of 3D World, order a copy.

If you have any problems downloading this content, please email:

Pluralsight video course: Designing Motion Controller Experiences in Unreal

In this course, animator Nathan Glemboski shows you how to design motion controller experiences in Unreal so you can actually stand in worlds you have created. The videos cover setting up a VR character with motion controllers, interacting with objects and creating a teleport system. By the end of the course, which is under two hours, you’ll know how to move freely in a scene, and will also be able to pick up objects really easily.

Software required: Unreal Engine 4

Download the video course here (826.3 MB)

Create an explosion with FumeFX

Learn how to create sparks and smoke

Syawish A Rehman shares how to make a bang using Maya’s nParticles and FumeFX.

Download your files here (67.7MB)

Create worn, ornate floors in Substance Designer

Learn how to make high-quality materials

Chris Hodgson shows how to create realistic materials in Substance Designer using masks generated in Photoshop and Hexels.

Download your files here (74.9MB)

Tutorial: Groom a furry creature

Learn some top tips for grooming

Jesus Fernandez shows us how to work with fur.

Download your files here (177.5MB)

Watch the videos here

Tutorial: Create realistic, high resolution CG cloth

Achieve great results with your fabric textures

Jesus Fernandez shows you how to make convincing CG fabric that holds up to close examination.

Download your files here (57.6MB)

Download your video here (1.28GB)

Artist Q&A: CG art problems solved

Our CG artists fix your issues

This month our team of artists explains how to make an Elsa-like plait, create a meteor shower, make plants in Cinema 4D, and sculpt caricatures in ZBrush. Download the video tips and files to follow these tutorials.

Download your files here (54.4MB)

Download your videos here (415.4 MB)

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