Fans welcome new Doctor Who with amazing art

By Dom Carter

Chances are, if you were on the internet at all yesterday, you probably saw the news that the new Doctor Who leading actor was revealed. Announced after a tortuously long dissection of the preceding Wimbledon final, Jodie Whittaker was officially crowned as the 13th Doctor, picking up where Peter Capaldi leaves off.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the news caused a stir online. Some fans of Doctor Who, the show that can go anywhere and do anything, were left baffled and frustrated that the programme tried something new. Others however were over the moon at the wonderful news.

And because Doctor Who fans are a passionate bunch, it wasn’t long until the fan art started pouring in. They might only have had a few seconds of footage of the new Time Lady to work with, but that didn’t stop artistic fans whipping up some fantastic artwork. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces which you can browse below by clicking to the left or right.

Roll on the Christmas special!

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