Galaxy Note 8’s secret camera features laid bare in big leak

By Chris Smith

Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera

The Galaxy Note 8 will be the first smartphone in the series to ship with a feature more interesting than what’s available on the Galaxy S model that preceded it, or the usual S Pen novelties each new Galaxy Note has to deliver. The phone will have a dual lens camera on the back, and a new leak reveals more details about the phone’s camera.

Dutch-language blog Galaxy Club obtained access to Samsung marketing materials, which seem to tell the entire story of the camera.

The following images suggest the dual lens camera will have 3x optical zoom, which is exactly what a recent rumor suggested.

The Galaxy Note 8 will also measure depth and will let users refocus photos after they’re taken. It’s likely the phone will also deliver the same bokeh effect in portrait pictures that can be obtained with the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera.

The documentation indicates the Galaxy Note 8 will take better low-light pictures, it’ll offer improved HDR, and the phone will come with extra camera tricks like the Perspective View that will let users rotate an image after it’s taken and various background effects that can be applied to pictures.

These materials do not mention the Galaxy S8 explicitly. But given that they originate from Samsung Semiconductor, and the company just confirmed that it’s going to have Isocell Dual cameras in future phones, it only makes sense to assume that all these features will be available on the Galaxy Note 8 this year.

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