IPhone 8: Will It Bring an End to Apple or a Brilliant Prime of New Digital Era?

iphone 8

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 8, which will be the 10th anniversary iPhone. It is about time for this to happen, because it’s been a while. We have heard so many rumors about how amazing this phone is going to be and it creates even more curiosity and anxiety at the same time. There has been talk about the design of the phone and it sounds positive so far. The screen is expected to be a corner to corner glass finish, without the home screen. This means that the complete screen will have finger print recognition software.

What we are more interested in is what iPhone 8 features will be showing up. One of the most exciting rumored features is the wireless charging. It’s about time that someone comes up with this and we truly hope it is true. However, it might not be included with the phone itself and you might have to buy the power bank as an extra. We are also hearing that the iPhone 8 price is not going to be as affordable as the previous phones released by Apple, which is a little disappointing. If it can deliver and do what it says, we might be willing to pay the price. Here is what is expected and rumored about the iPhone 8 thus far.


When you are busy on your phone and notifications keep going off, it might get a little annoying. It can also be distracting when you are busy with something important. Apparently, the new iPhone 8 will detect if you are already busy on your phone and won’t beep with notifications. This is a great feature for many of us, because when you are looking at your phone, you can just check out all your apps. There are also rumors that when you are driving, the phone would pick that up and turn on the do not disturb feature. This is a great safety feature with all the texting and driving drama we are facing.

Home button

As mentioned, the home button might not be a physical button on the new iPhone. This means that your entire screen will be glass and your home button would be a virtual one. What makes this so great is the fact that you can watch a video on your phone full screen and the home button will disappear at these moments. I am sure that all gamers would be excited about this new feature, because it does make for better gaming on a full screen.


It seems like not much is going to change with the signature silver frame, but we might have a few more options. Samsung started this trend and we were very excited when we had more options than just black and white. The color options we might have will include silver, black and copper gold. So the options might not seem as exciting as we had hoped, but at least it is a step in the right direction. As consumers, we appreciate positive changes and giving us the opportunity to choose is always a winner. These choices make us excited for the new iPhone release.


With the screen being corner to corner, Apple might add other kinds of biometrics as an option to unlock your phone. It is speculated that they might use iris recognition, which sounds very advanced if it’s true. Then again, we expect this kind of revolutionary changes from Apple and as much as it would surprise others, it seems possible to some. There is even a rumor that one of the biometric features might include facial recognition. This is amazing if they could pull it off, as long as it does not cause any frustrations for the consumer. You want to have privacy when it comes to your phone, but I also hope they add a password unlock feature for times when someone else needs to use it.

More models

We are used to having two different modules when a new iPhone is released, but it is said that this time we will have three. This can be positive or negative if you think about it. Having to buy the best module could cost you a lot of money and it may not impress consumers. On the other hand, it gives us more options and if you are a real tech person, you might see the added module as a benefit. You will have the two size options as before and then a third one which offers an even larger screen.


Apple usually releases their new phones in September, so we are definitely getting closer. The expectations are very high and I think Apple is going to meet every one of them. Thus far, we have not been greatly disappointed with new iPhone releases and I think it is going to change the way we look at things. As with many things in life, time will tell. We are speculating that the new name would be iPhone 8, but there is a possibility that this might not be true. With this being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, they might decide to switch things up a bit and name it something else.

Another exciting new feature might be the faster processor, which always seem to be upgraded with every iPhone release. We are also expecting better graphics and we do hope that the camera quality is out of this world. We live in a digital age and visuals are very important to the consumer. With social media taking over, we need good pictures and even better videos. There is another rumor that we will have a video editing feature that is going to change the way we look at visuals. All of this is very exciting and we hope that the expected release date of September does not bring us disappointment. Now it’s time to sit back and eagerly await the new iPhone release.

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