Lineage OS Review: A Close look at Lineage OS Features

By Prateek Phoenix

Lineage OS Review

In this Lineage OS review, we will be discussing how this ROM has become the new rage but before we will talk about its history. Android was conceived as a user’s operating system. It offered the best seller in class features right from the days of its inception to date. But the best feature of Android was its openness, something Google still boasts about with pride. It let anyone with a stable internet connection gain access to the entire codebase so that they can modify the OS to their own needs and requirements. This opened revolution opened up to a wide variety of use cases. In a short time, Android outgrew from the smartphones ecosystem to the support other electronics. It became the go-to operating system for wearables and dashboards and other smart devices. Today Google is recognizing the possibility of the platform and is officially supporting such use cases with a product like Android Auto and Android Things.

Another great aspect of Android’s openness is the fact that it allows infinite possibilities for customizations. From simple things like launchers and icon packs to more advanced and intricate things like kernels and custom ROMs. Android opens up itself to tinkerers and modders. This very need of gaining full control over the device we own gave birth to a community which has been active ever since the early days of Android to create ROMs. Android ROMs are basically a tweaked version of the Android Open Source Project with goodies and otherwise great customizations built natively into the system. There have been multiple ROMs that have come and gone but some have stuck around have fostered entire communities of developers and enthusiasts around them. Some of them are CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Resurrection Remix and others.

CyanogenMod by far has been the most popular among all. It was among the first custom ROMs to be built and it has had a huge community of developers backing it. CyanogenMod was the go to custom ROM for the masses. Every Android enthusiast knew the project and its features on their fingertips. CyanogenMod has had a pretty interesting history. From its inception to its fiasco with OnePlus and then the big claims of beating Google’s to its demise and rebirth as Lineage OS. While the story is now old and has been extensively covered let me give you a quick one on what happened just in case you don’t already know it. CyanogenMod the community-based ROM realized the potential of their product and incorporated into a company to offer users the non-Google version of Android for those who wanted. OnePlus was one of their initial customers and they signed an exclusive deal to ship Cyanogen OS for the OnePlus One. They soon parted however when Yu, the subsidiary of Micromax took legal actions over the exclusivity of Cyanogen OS and OnePlus was left without an operating system to back their devices. They soon came up with Oxygen OS and things went ok for OnePlus …read more

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