PC Hardware Year In Review: 2017 Edition

By Usman Pirzada

2017 has officially wound to a close, and we thought this was a good time to do a community special: PC Hardware Year In Review, for 2017. This year has been absolutely phenomenal for the PC Hardware industry and will probably go down as one of the most iconic years for this side of the wider technology industry. This is by no means, an exhaustive list, but as the festivities go on around the world, ushering in the new year, we thought we would go through some of our favorite events for this year that include the techno trinity.

AMD made an incredible comeback to the x86 segment with Zen and pushed the boundaries of HEDT computing further than ever before

Amidst status quo shattering applause, AMD’s Ryzen processors entered the arena this year. The much cheaper Ryzen processors went toe to toe with Intel’s (then) $1000 chip which meant that the premium they were charging for as a monopoly tax was bound to be removed. There were initial concerns that AMD would not be able to handle supply but these were quickly brushed aside as AMD not only went on to release Ryzen but the HEDT Threadripper platform.

For consumers which were used to 4 cores on the mainstream desktop segment, the option had been expanded to 8 with Ryzen, and for consumers on the high end desktop side of things, the core count had been expanded by a full 12 cores. And the absolutely ridiculous thing was that these were still cheaper than the ones in the market at the time. Look hard boys and girls, this is what disruption looks like.

AMD not only managed to make a comeback in the x86 segment, which would have just been as successful had they rolled out a sandy bridge equivalent 4-core competitor but they absolutely exceeded any expectations the public might have had. And supply issues? Apart from the expected early launch hiccups, it has been a mostly seamless ride. Unless I am very much mistaken, AMD has successfully expanded the TAM of the PC market by red shifting the consumer segments.

Intel was energized to release the Coffee Lake and HEDT Skylake series and expanded into the GPU side of things

Intel might have been waiting around for AMD to catch up, but when it did, it responded with the world’s most powerful processor right now: the 7980XE. While AMD tops out at 16 cores, Intel managed to clock in at a full 18 cores. While this is almost certainly what any game can utilize, this shows how high up the market spectrum has come since 2007. Ryzen’s massive performance per dollar figures also prompted Intel to reply in kind, with the Coffee Lake S lineup, whose base model is one of the most critically acclaimed processors for gaming right now.

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