Watch British Entrepreneur Fly in Working ‘Iron Man’ Suit (Video)

By Matt Pressberg

British entrepreneur Richard Browning just built an “Iron Man”-like flight suit — and you can watch him zip around in it.

The oil trader and ultramarathoner developed and assembled a flight suit with six micro jet engines — two on each arm and one on each leg — which allows him to fly like “Iron Man,” as depicted in a video uploaded by Gravity, the new company Browning launched Friday. Gravity’s first product is that flight suit, which is branded as Daedulus.

In the video, Browning goes through a trial-and-error process as he works out the right number and locations for the micro-jet engines, and figures out the optimal method to take flight. An attempt at using a cable to suspend him in the air as the engines are fired did not end well. As the suit evolved, Browning added features including a heads-up display connected to wi-fi with which he can check fuel levels.

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The short clip Gravity uploaded shows Browning floating just a few feet above the ground in a large parking lot, but the entrepreneur told CNET the suit can really fly, and actually goes smoother when its flying six to 10 feet in the air.

“As you go faster you do start leveling out and going kind of superhero style,” he told CNET.

Watch the video above.

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