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by admin April 05, 2022
regions credit card

Regions Visa Card is issued by Regions Bank and is made for use at a wide range of destinations.   Using the card you can receive plenty of rewards in form of relationship rewards. If you are looking forward to apply for the credit card then you need to check out the benefits and all the charges that come along.

In this post we have provided detailed walkthrough of the credit card application. You can also find further information related to the Visa Card.

Regions Visa Card Overview:

Regions Bank is the issuer of a wide range of credit and debit cards. The Credit Cards range from every card to business credit cards. You can apply for the credit card at the website of the bank. In order to get stared one needs to have their personal and financial information handy. Provide the details and you are ready to go.

Once you have the credit card inside your wallet you can shop seamlessly at plenty of destinations such as departmental stores, restaurants, retail stores and much more.

Benefits of the Regions Visa Card:

Regions Visa Card comes along with plenty of benefits here are some of the benefits highlighted:

  • The credit card has a rewards rate of 1:1 on general purchases and 2:1 on Regions Rewards Multiplier.
  • On signing up for the credit card you get 10,000 points on spending $500 in the first 3 months.
  • There is no annual bonus associated with the card.
  • The rewards points expire after 36 months.
  • You need to collect a large number of points to redeem them for travel rewards.

Credit Card Rate and Fee:

  • The credit card comes with no annual fee.
  • Average yearly rewards value is $192
  • No annual bonus is offered
  • There is a variable APR of 14.49-24.49% depending upon your credit worthiness.

How to Apply for Regions Visa Card:

  • In order to apply one needs to open the website of the Regions Bank. www.regions.com/personal-banking/credit-cards
  • In the second step scroll down and you will find all the credit cards that are issued by the Regions Bank.
  • Select the ‘Apply Now’ button under the credit card that applies to you.


regions credit card application


  • Now the system will direct you to the main application website.
  • Once you are on the website you will find the application section below.
  • Scroll down and read the terms and conditions related to the credit card.
  • Tap on ‘Next’ button and you will be taken further to the main application website.
  • Now you need to sign into your Regions account using your online banking credentials or ATM/Check Card information.
  • Once you have verified your identity you can fill out the application form.


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How to Check Application Status:

In order to check the status of your Regions Credit Card you can call the help and support link on 1-888-IN-A-SNAP (462-7627). However the bank will notify you on the credit card approval within 7 days of the application.

How to Activate Regions Credit Card:

  • In order to activate your Regions Credit Card you need to sign into your online banking account. www.regions.com
  • Once you have logged in you will find the ‘Services’ tab from the customer service menu.
  • Under the services section, choose the ‘Activate Card’ button.
  • Provide your card number, last 4 digits of SSN and card expiration date in the respective spaces.
  • Now you will find a confirmation message on the screen reading your card has been activated.


At the end of the conversation we hope you have applied for the Regions Visa Card with ease. Well, this was all we could offer on the credit card application process. For assistance the user can connect with the help desk on 1-800-734-4667 or 1-800-253-2265.




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